Pain & Post-Concussion Syndrome

Different incidents and injuries can leave a lasting impact on any person. In the moment and during the healing process, nerves correctly transmit the pain signal to keep us safe from further injury.  However, even after the healing process is complete, some nerves keep signaling pain in an attempt to keep us safe – interrupting our movement, sleep, mood and more.
When one experiences an injury to the head that rattles the brain, the process of healing takes a lot longer with more disorienting symptoms (nausea, dizziness, confusion, disrupted sleep, etc.). Even with medical support for the brain’s healing process, these symptoms can eventually disrupt one’s social, working, or school life.
All Minds in chronic pain and post-concussion syndrome benefit from a structured, gradual re-training the body and mind to re-learn sleep skills, range of motion, and safe sensations.