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Dr. Taitz has given his popular presentations and interviews for listeners nationwide (students, teachers, and parents). Dr. Taitz speaks regularly about sleep, insomnia, (lucid) dreams, nightmares, grief, child and adolescent mental health.

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Speaking Topics

Dr. Taitz is available for presentations to students, parents, and teachers on the following topics:


  • Young Heroes is a fun and informative presentation that teaches youth how to use simple behavioral techniques to manage emotions, life changes, and communication with parents, teachers and peers for additional support.
  • In this presentation, Dr. Taitz connects with youth through their favorite media and pop culture to develop creative metaphors for personal and interpersonal success as the protagonist in their own story.
  • Young Heroes educates listeners on their innate abilities and how to use them to level up their self-efficacy and growth mindset.  The presentation is the length of a typical class period (45 minutes) and can be presented to a variety of youth audiences on Zoom or other platforms.

Parent-Child Relationships

  • Family Alliance is an informational presentation to bolster parents’ knowledge and skills for observing and supporting their children’s’ mental health.
  • In this  presentation, Dr. Taitz provides parents with the state of pediatric mental health, signs of distress, and strategies to support all members of the family.
  • Family Alliance empowers parents to approach topics in down to earth terms, with the confidence to guide children as they manage their emotions now and open up the channels of communication easier in the future. The presentation is 45 minutes and can be presented to a variety of parent audiences on Zoom or other platforms.


  • Reset Your Clock is an entertaining presentation on the habitual pitfalls that interfere with sleep and the behavioral paths to find your sleep strategy.
  • In this presentation, Dr. Taitz connects with audience members to put to rest myths and misconceptions about sleep, as well as help begin a new plan to wind down and stay in bed, as well as get up on time.
  • Reset Your Clock informs listeners on the science of sleep and how to use that information to carve out a game plan around bedtime and waking.  The presentation is 45 minutes and can be presented to a variety of audiences (all ages) on Zoom or other platforms.


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Previous Speaking Engagements 


UCLA Geek Week


Geek Week is a week-long event where we celebrate Geek culture such as, but not limited to: Marvel, Anime, K-pop, Gaming, etc. with the hopes to create an inclusive and safe environment in these interests.


Mindful with the Force: Psychology of Star Wars Characters



Los Angeles Comic Con (LACC)


In the “heart of pop culture,” the Los Angeles comic con is an annual convention featuring a variety of celebrity guests, premier releases, and creator workshops. Dr. Taitz hosted and presented on multiple panels with fellow geek psychologists to audience halls packed full of pop-culture fans.


Finding yourself in your Multiverse of Madness – Which variant do you want to be?




Enter Sandman: Control your life, shape your dreams.





Being Mindful of the Force: Jedi, Sith, and Psychology.





Potatoes and Power: Mental Health, Middle Earth, and Psychology.





Therapeutic and Applied Geek and Gaming Summit - TAGGS

TAGGS is a live professional conference celebrating the world of helping professionals and educators who use Geek and Gaming culture in their work.

Gamify Your Sleep & Dreams is an entertaining presentation on the habitual pitfalls that interfere with sleep, the behavioral paths to upgrade your sleep strategy.



Crucial Conversations

Formerly known as Critical Conversations about Cognitive Diversity, Crucial Conversations is a monthly webcast featuring in-depth conversations with the top minds in gifted and twice-exceptional education. The show is hosted by Maria M. Kennedy, director of the Phoenix Program of Bridges Academy


Dream Journal Podcast

The Dream Journal is a radio show and podcast dedicated to discussing dream research, art, and therapy.  The show is hosted by its creator Katherine Bell and airs on Natural Bridges Media/KSQD 90.7 FM community radio.

Kids and Nightmares” – 1 hour live interview – January 9, 2021

 “Dreaming Therapy With Isaac Taitz” – 1 hour live interview and call-in – November 28, 2020


Grief Dreams Podcast

The Grief Dreams Podcast is “a conversation about life, loss, and grief dreams.” It is hosted by Dr. Joshua Black and co-host Shawn Ram and airs on PodBean.

Isaac Taitz (Episode 81)” – 1 hour live interview – August 18, 2018


Terror After Combat: Identifying and Treating PTSD Nightmares in War Veterans

Presentation at Argosy University for the Orange County Psychological Association in May, 2016

This talk discussed the history of trauma through philosophy and psychology as well as current therapeutic approaches to PTSD nightmares.  Specific focus on applying dreaming based interventions for nightmares with veterans.


Wake Up! It’s Time to Dream!

Presentation at Cornell University for the first TEDxCornell conference – March 13, 2010

This presentation covered the middle mental state between waking and dreaming as well as clinical applications for mental health.



An investigation of gender differences in dream content of Ukrainian males and females using quantitative content analysis" International Journal of Dream Research, 2021


Psychotherapeutic approaches for post-traumatic stress disorder nightmares" International Journal of Dream Research, 2017


Clinical applications of lucid dreaming therapy" Lucid Dreaming: New Perspectives on Consciousness in Sleep, 2014


Learning lucid dreaming and its effect on depression in undergraduates" International Journal of Dream Research, 2011


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